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Getting Started with Page Object Pattern for Your Selenium Tests

As with most software patterns, they really make the most sense once you have actually coded your way into a situation where you realize you need help. Learning a pattern up front can prevent you from making a design mistake, but as in most situations, making a mistake is your very best opportunity to learn.

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How to use Chrome options with Selenium WebDriver and Robot Framework

How do you maximize a Chrome window when running a Selenium test? You can use the builtin method in Selenium WebDriver, which in e.g. Python is driver.maximize_window(). You call this after opening the window, which opens in the default size you have set, and then resizes it to maximized state. It works, but it’s adds

Test Automation tips and tricks

How to get the Robot Framework keyword documentation you need

When you write automated tests using Robot Framework, most of your work involves using keywords. You write keywords. You use keywords other developers have written and reuse your own keywords. And of course, you read Robot Framework keyword documentation. That’s one of the beautiful things about keyword-driven test development. Latest and greatest version But change