This site is all about test automation.

It is for developers, test engineers, test automation engineers, test managers and anyone who takes responsibility for the quality of the software products they bring to their customers.

Great, but what is it really all about?

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Well, on this site you will find articles about Robot Framework, Gherkin, Selenium, Appium and many other both new and mature technologies. But you will also see articles about how test automation have an impact on test design, test management and how test automation can and should provide real business value.

If you have ever worked with test automation, you probably already know this, but for those of you new to this exciting world, I will quote this important statement from the great Angie Jones:

“Test automation is software development”

– Angie Jones (@techgirl1908)

So, many test automation topics are very technical in nature and articles here will include actual code examples and diagrams, but you can also expect articles about more soft topics.

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I believe, that to be successful with test automation, you need the commitment and dedication from the whole development team. This is not just a one-person job. So there are many aspects of test automation that tie directly into how your development process is structured.

While I definitely will write about new ideas and trends in test automation, my take on test automation topics will be based on my 15+ years of experience in software development.

OK, then.

Who am I?

My name is Kim Schiller. I am a software developer with a passion for test automation.

From my early days as a developer, writing software in COBOL on an IBM mainframe, I wanted to make a difference with the code I was writing. I realized, that for me to write solid code, that not only was performing functions right, but also performing the right functions, I could look towards testing.

Testing quickly became my favorite topic. But not just any kind of testing. Automated testing. Something I could write, that would prove my code did what it was supposed to do. And that the code acutally mattered to the end user of the system.

I quickly moved out of the COBOL and mainframe space, and into Java. I felt much more at home in the object oriented world. Building banking applications for the web, meant writing lots of Javascript as well. And along the way, I’ve written systems, small and large, tools, small “helper” scripts etc. in many languages, and come to appreciate many of the characteristics of programming languages that they have in common and that sets them apart.

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This goes for test automation as well. Java will always be my “safe place”, but doing test automation has exposed me to new places. Sometimes I need to write a script in PowerShell, because that is just an awesome framework. Other times I get to pick whether to jump into Python or Javascript. I really appreciate this diversity in the test automation space, which fosters my own creativity to come up with innovative and solid solutions.

Today, most of my time is spent working on bringing test automation success to development teams in one of the greatest companies in Denmark, Systematic.

Now you know what you can expect from your visits here and you have learned a little about me.

By the way…

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